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As we are involved in Building Online Identity, we cannot miss Facebook! We provide effective Branding and Marketing Solutions for the Social Media.

The services & solutions we provide have proven success record over the years and can help you grow your success.

In Velev Solutions we offer effective marketing solutions for the social media which will help you grow your success. The solutions we provide will help you make fans and get instant results.

We offer:

Design and Development for interactive pages and Facebook applications

We will make the design and we will create the most effective Facebook Application for your promotion, game or quiz. We will design and develop also a interactive page in Facebook for your business, which will represent it in the best possible way. With all this tools you can make impression, create new fans, create brand awareness and generate more sales.

Enhancing your Facebook Presence

We create impressive Facebook business/fan pages. If you want to be easily recognized and remembered, if you want to create raging fans in your Facebook page - you need to impress. We can create for you the custom interactive Facebook Page with full functionality, as well as well designed custom landing page for your campaign.

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As Facebook released the Timeline layout for the brand pages and with this change we believe they created lots of new opportunities for the business. We also believe that the brand pages look much better now. The effective use of interactive pages and applications brings lots of benefits for your business:

        * Represents your business – shows who you are and what you do. Our job is to make this in very impressive way.

        * Creates trust – shows that you are serious about the online identity of your brand and you are willing to participate in the social conversation.

        * Makes your online identity look better – with the use of well designed and functional landing pages, interactive pages and apps for Facebook you can represent your brand in very effective way. You can also distinguish your brand from the competition and make impression.

        * Tells why the people should become your fans – by showing what the benefits are and how you can help or solve problem, or how you can entertain - more and more people will "like" you and your business every day.

        * Creates brand awareness - with the effective use of the interactive pages, games and quizzes you can create brand awareness.        

* Helps you make more fans & generate more sales.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions, with which you can reach your goals. We work with very talented and experienced designers, developers, marketing and PR specialist. We can design and develop the application you search for. Contact us and see what are the benefits of working with us ;)

We can help you organise effective campaigns, games, sweepstakes, quizzes and promotions!

These are the most effective ways to promote and build fans for brands, products, services and events in Facebook. If you want to take advantage of them - you need reliable and qualified partner. Our work is to provide all the services and solutions your business needs in order to make impressive and effective performance in the social media. The goal is to improve the brand awareness and conversion rate, create fans, create positive image for your business, which will generate more leads and sales. We will create specific marketing strategy for your business and we will build the infrastructure your business needs.

Contact us and lets talk about your future!

We guarantee fast and long term results.