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Hi there ;)

I am Bobby Velev and I am founder of Velev Solutions.

We simply deliver Great services which help you reach your goals and grow your business!

Personally I am project manager, web presence architect, photographer and problem solver. As a service provider I focus on delivering only effective solutions, which help our clients improve their business, accomplish success and have more free time which they can spend on things they love with people they love. I am certified professional in the areas of web presence, digital marketing strategies, internet marketing, social network marketing and e-commerce.

Velev Solutions is small but extraordinary creative, web & digital marketing studio specialised in delivering effective services and solutions. We provide high level services that deliver measurable results.

We are dedicated to make your life easier and better, so we provide wide spectrum of creative and web services. We create remarkable identities. We plan, design, develop and support websites, web systems and applications for both mobile and desktop. We also offer digital marketing, social media marketing, optimisation, creative, photography, consulting services and business solutions.

Our main goal is to provide extraordinary services and solutions to ordinary business owners and individuals and make them successful, satisfied and happy.

We value the long term relationships and we deliver only the highest quality to our clients. In the competitive market you need this advantage, so I personally make sure we provide it for you. At Velev Solutions, we pride ourselves on our integrity and strong work ethic, quality services, effective solutions and most of all with the great results and the satisfaction of our clients.

Best Regards,

Bobby Velev

Why you will love Velev Solutions:

Reason #1: Personal Service, Communication and Delivery.

You'll be in touch with a real human from start to finish and you will communicate directly with our team throughout the project. We strive on communication and delivery. Our business model was built around the needs and goals of you—the client. Our aim is to provide you and your company with ideas, creativity, consistent support, outstanding project management, effective services and solutions, and of course a lot of fun.

Reason #2: Our Commitment to Excellence.

We are committed to providе fast, reliable and affordable creative & web services and solutions. Our team is truly dedicated to the success of your business through strong, successful and reliable performance.We hold on to the details of your project, because the details make all the difference. We are always on time, our processes are transparent and we never promise something we can’t deliver. Our happy clients are the proof.

Reason #3: Our Experience.

We have the experience to deliver professional results with un-matched support. We are dedicated to create a meaningful competitive advantage for you and your business.

Reason #4: Dedication & Expertise

We love our work and we are completely dedicated to it. Our level of expertise guarantees the results which you expect. We are passionate and skilled professional team and we handle every project with the same dedication.

Reason #5: Focus on results & Attention to Detail

What makes us different is that we are focused on the great results we have to deliver. We know that the end result is the most important thing and we are sure it has to be great. From Award winning websites to effective business solutions, applications, e-commerce systems and marketing campaigns - we love to deliver the "extra" for our clients.

Reason #6: Good service, care and quality control

We understand that your business is very important for you and it is a significant investment in terms of your time, money and energy. We make sure this investment is worth the effort. We give your project the attention it deserves. We get excited about quality and will work with you to deliver solutions that meet and exceed your business needs.

Reason #7: Free support

We don’t walk away once your project is up and running. Instead we offer a free support service to help you make the most out of it.

Also make sure you check what do we stand for.